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*Inner Chamber is made up of thick non-magnetic stainless steel of 304 quality. *Outer chamber & jacket is made out of steel. *Door is made of S.S. & has radial locking system. *The space between outer chamber & jacket is filled with superior quality of insulation to minimize thermal loss. *Unit is mounted on heavy duty
tubular M.S. stand with epoxy paint. *Boiler is provided at bottom of the unit. *Boiler is filled with water level indicator, safety valve, water inlet, & drain valves. *Low water level cut of device is also provided.* Unit is provided with dial type pressure gauge. *Self locking safely door device is provided in all rectangular
sterilizers door cannot be opened under pressure.


    *Multi port valve / Two separate valves are provided for evacuating steam from inner chamber & jacket as and when required. *Vacuum breaker is also provided in case of formation of vacuum due to steam condensation. *Standard Operating pressure is 15 P.S.I. *All unit are hydralically tested up to 40 P.S.I. *Standard work temperature of 15 P.S.I. is 121°C. *To work on 220 / 440V A.C. single phase / 3 phase.

    Cat. No.Working Size/Cylindrical (Dia x Height)cm  Watts
    KI-HC-69-0125 x 453 KW
    KI-HC-69-0230 x 504 KW
    KI-HC-69-0335 x 554 KW
    KI-HC-69-0440 x 605 KW
    KI-HC-69-0545 x 606 KW
    KI-HC-69-0655 x 756 KW
    Cat. No.Working Size/Rectangular (Width x Height x Depth)cmWatts
    KI-HR-69-0145 x 45 x 906 KW
    KI-HR-69-0245 x 60 x 909 KW
    KI-HR-69-0360 x 60 x 909 KW
    KI-HR-69-0460 x 60 x 1209 KW
    KI-HR-69-0560 x 75 x 12012 KW
    KI-HR-69-0660 x 90 x 15012 KW


    Trolley, Automatic Controller, Mechanical Timer with Alarm System
    Digital Temperature Indicator, Temperature Chart Recorder
    Microprocessor based temperature / pressure controller cum indicator with pressure transmitters
    complete automatic operation through advanced PLC system, data control and acquisition systems
    with remote location operation facility, user friendly software packages for various reporting and
    analytical application
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