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Accurate stepless speed control permits smooth variation up to 1200 rpm. These have two-tier constructions with the higher compartment consists of a heating element. Heating energy is regulated by the energy regulator. Top of Form

  • Rotamantles are uniquely designed to assemble the laboratory requirement of suitable stirring in a flask with concurrent uniform heating by heating mantles.

Acknowledged in the Indian markets as an eminent company, Kumar Instruments are involved in exporting, manufacturing, and supplying a broad range of Laboratory Rotamantles. Owing to its easier operations and simultaneous uniform heating, it is broadly utilized in different research laboratories for the convenient stirring of fluids stored in the flask. Featured with easier controls, our product verifies to be widely convenient in operations. Offered Rotamantles are acclaimed by our users for their well-organized functionality, lengthen working life, quality in tune and low maintenance with standards laid by the medical sector.


1. Smooth running device
2. Balanced permanent magnet
3. Durable open flasks
4. High grade magnetic stirring paddle
5. Brilliant quality heating mantle
6. PMDC motor for tall torque at low speeds.
7. Better speed regulation even with low speeds and small volume.
8. Accurate step-less speed controls carry on excellent speed stability.
9. Digital speed indicator for a display of stirring speed.
10. Totally enclosed unit
11. Rota mantle consists of 2 parts. Magnetic stirrer and Mantle.
12. Magnetic stirrer is of permanent magnet type with horseshoe magnet and an FHP motor
13. Both are mounted integrally one over the other.
14. Both are independently controlled with a single main supply.
15. The electromagnets and the motor are protected in such a manner that the stirrer performance is not influenced due to heat produced by the heating mantles.
16. Temperature is controlled by an Energy regulator and speed is controlled by Dimmer stat.
17. Rota mantles are accessible in sizes from 250ml to 5000ml and bigger sizes.
18. They are provided with 2 indicating lamps and 2 controls, one each for the hot plate and the other for the stirring system.
19. Supply with one Teflon coated magnetic stirring paddle.
20. Rota mantles viz 10 lit., and 20 lit., can be provided on specific enquiries

Environmental conditions:

The instrument must not be operated at temp. Exceeding 50ºc. (Must be operated at the usual room temperature away from direct air draught and / or direct sunlight.)


Connect the stirrer to the main supply
Switch on the mains, mains led will glow
Keep liquid-filled flat bottom flask on the mantle of worthy size
Put Teflon magnetic bit inside the flask.
Before starting the unit, place the stirring bath in the flask, so it can take its centre position.
In case, if this is not in the centre, make sure the stirring bar to be in the centre position.

Adjust the speed of the stirrer by speed knob to the needed speed
Switch on heating by turning out the heat control knob in the clockwise direction
Adjust it to the required heating
The heat control knob controls the wattage of the heating mantle and thus the temperature of liquid put in a glass flat bottom flask.

1) Take care while keeping Teflon magnetic bit into the glass vessel
2) Put glass vessel on heating mantle carefully
3) Don’t spill off the liquid on the Scientific instruments
4) After utilization dry and wash Teflon magnetic bit

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