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pH Meter

It is one of the scientific instruments that evaluate the hydrogen-ion activity in the mixture, indicating its alkalinity or acidity indicated as pH value. The principle of this device is the centralization of hydrogen ions in the solution. The pH range of solutions varies between 1 to 14, where 14 is the highest in alkalinity and 1 is the highest in acidic nature.

Calibration of pH meter:

Operate the pH meter and electrode system as per the manufacturer’s instructions or according to the applicable SOPs. All measurements must be made at the same temperature of 20° to 25°. The apparatus is calibrated with the buffer solution of potassium hydrogen phthalate and one other buffer solution of different Ph.

Calibration Procedure:

  • The device is calibrated to pH 4, 7 or 9.2 but do remember to calibrate pH 7 initially.
  • Immerse the electrode in standard Buffer mixture of 7.00 pH value. 
  • Measure the temperature of the mixture and fix up the temperature knob accordingly.
  • Carry the Function Switch of pH Mode.
  • Regulate the Calibrate control so that the display reads 7.00
  • Now again go round the Function Switch into Standby Mode.
  • Unfasten the electrode from 7 pH buffer mixture and clean it with distilled water, dry and soak it.
  • Place the electrode in 4 pH buffer mixtures.
  • Carry the Function Switch in pH Mode and Adjust the “Slope %” (Right side of the device) so that the display reads 4.00.
  • Eliminate the electrode from 4 pH buffer solution and clean it with distilled water.
  • Always carry on the Function Switch at standby Mode after evaluating the pH value.

Procedure and operation of pH Meter

  • Make certain the temperature of the Liquid being tested to 200-250C.
  • Dip the glass electrode in the liquid to be tested.
  • Turn off the button to pH Checking & note.
  • When examine the pH above 10, make certain that the electrode is fit for use under alkaline circumstances & apply any correction that is required.
  • Record the pH of the mixture utilized to standardize the electrodes and meter at the end of a set of measurements. If the variance between this reading and the original value is bigger than 0.05, the set of measurements should be repeated.

Types of pH meters

  1. Traditional pH Meter
  2. pen-like devices
  3. pH strips
  4. Holographic pH sensors
  5. Solid-state electrodes pH Meter
  6. Voltmeter display device

What is pH meter and what is it utilized for?

This is a device utilized for measuring the pH value of a solution. It consists of a voltmeter and electrode.

What is the best pH meter?

There are lots of pH meters accessible in the Indian market, the best pH meter may depend on the utilization of every person, somewhere a pen pH meter is good in use, whereas few times conventional pH meters is more worthy. Some great examples of pH meters are as:-
Bluelab pH Pen Pocket Tester.
Hanna Instruments HI 9813-6N pH/EC/TDS Meter.
Bluelab Combo pH Meter.
Apera Instruments AI311 Premium pH Test Kit.
Oakton EcoTestr Pocket pH Meter.

What is full form of pH?

It is the Potential of Hydrogen. It is a scale utilized to observe the alkalinity and acidity of a solution. The acidic solution has a low pH and a higher number of hydrogen ions H+.

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