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Portable autoclave

An autoclave is utilized in laboratory and medical settings to disinfect lab equipment and waste. Autoclave sterilization works by utilizing heat to destroy microorganisms such as spores and bacteria. The heat is supplied by pressurized steam. Pressurization permits the steam to reach the high temperatures that are necessary for sterilization.

A portable autoclave is a 24 L electric heated top-loading high-pressure steam sterilizing unit with a sterilizing temperature of 126 °C. The product is heated by the submerged electro-thermal tube.

Portable autoclave sterilizers by Kumar Instruments are planned out for usual aim sterilization jobs at hospitals, dental clinics, and nursing homes, etc. The standard models of these portable autoclaves are accessible from 5 to 20 liters of capacity. In inclusion to standard models, we do offer customized portable systems at a good competitive price.

Designed intelligibly, these systems mark long years of safe operation, worry-free performance, and maximum efficiency. Being dense in design, these Scientific Instruments absorb very low bench space; hence, ideal for places where space is a major problem. They are also easy to use, the operator requires special training prior to using them. No installation is required, all you want is plug and use.

Each unit is constructed with stainless steel material or heavy gauge aluminum. These portable ones are provided with safety devices that shield samples and operators from mishandling, over-pressure, and over-current conditions.


low bench space for Portable design5 to 20 liters of chamber capacities
No specific installation neededjust plug and operate, Easy to use
stainless steel or Aluminum constructionFast sterilization approx. 20 min
Overpressure protectionHeat resistant handles
heating element and ISI marked gasketComplete range of optional accessories
Capacity (Liters)5 Liters10 Liters15 Liters20 Liters
Working Temperature121°C – 140°C
Operating Pressure15 PSI / 18 PSI
Sterilization Time1 to 0.99 Minutes
Construction304 Grade Stainless Steel / Aluminum
Safety– CE Marked Pressure Valves
– Lid Locks
– Steam & vacuum release valve
HeatingElectric Heating, Optional Non-electric (Gas)
CertificationCE Marked
PowerAC 220V / 50Hz
Optional Accessories– Digital temperature indicator
– Sterilization indicator
– Buzzer
– Low water sensor
– Low water cut-off device
– baskets and Containers
– Aluminium basket with handle
– Stainless Steel Wire Basket
– Plastic Disinfectant Tray

How does autoclaving kill bacteria?

The heat that an autoclave delivers via pressurized steam destroys bacteria and other microorganisms by causing the organisms’ enzymes and structural proteins to drop their shape in an irreversible manner, coagulating and denaturing them and makes them non-functional.

What is the temperature for autoclave sterilization?

It is 121°C, but many autoclaves permit cycles at higher temperatures, such as 134°C and 132°C.

How much time does it take an autoclave to sterilize?

It depends on what that equipment is made of, whether it’s unwrapped or wrapped, and what kind of autoclave is being utilized. To sterilize a large volume of media or materials may require a longer sterilization cycle to permit the steam heat to penetrate the media fully.

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