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Soxhlet hot plate type

This heater is utilized to heat soxhlet flasks and it comprises of mild steel housing. Six hot plates of 4½ diameter(in inches) are set up on top of the housing and can be functional by individual ON/OFF switch and rotary switch.

A Soxhlet extractor is a section of laboratory Instruments that has been invented in 1879 by Franz von Soxhlet.  It was initially designed for the extraction of a lipid from a solid material. Typically, it is utilized when the wanted compound has a restricted solubility in a solvent, and the impurity is insoluble in that solvent. It permits for unmanaged and unmonitored function while intelligently recycling a tiny amount of solvent to dissolve a bigger amount of material.


A Soxhlet extractor has major sections: a siphon mechanism, which from time to time empties the thimble, a percolator (reflux and boiler) which circulates the solvent, and a thimble (generally built of thick filter paper) which keep the solid to be extracted.


1.           The source material carrying the compound to be extracted is set up inside the thimble.
2.           The thimble is charged into the main room of the Soxhlet extractor.
3.           The extraction solvent to be utilized is placed in a distillation flask.
4.           The flask is fixed up on the heating element.
5.           The Soxhlet extractor is set up atop the flask.
6.           A reflux condenser is set up atop the extractor.

Soxhlet Extractor is apparatus constructs by Kumar Instruments in our country, which is utilized in chemical analysis laboratories for extraction of lipid from solid test material such as grain, food, oil, biofuel, and wastes, etc. These extraction units are significant pieces of laboratory equipment that are utilized to eliminate an excessive amount of solids or liquids from samples.

We build up different kinds of Soxhlet Extractors for education purposes and laboratory research. Each soxhlet extraction unit delivers an unmatched extraction process and safe heating. Our Soxhlet extractors are accessible with a choice of a mantel, heater, water bath, and hot plate heating are present as options.

Salient Features

•            Hot plate dia: 4.1/2″
•            Provided with two adjustable clamps and cross rods.
•            Hot plates consist of cast iron material
•            Heaters are fitted and sealed in the grooves to make a certain long-lasting performance.
•            Fitted with individual energy regulator to function each Hot plate simultaneously or individually.
•            Powder-coated exterior body
•            Glass chunk must be ordered as a separate accessory

Hot Plate Type with 6 / 4 Hot Plates

This scientific Instruments is best to heat the Soxhlet flasks of different sizes. It consists of thick gauge fresh C.R.C.A Sheet, chemically treated to eliminate all grease, oil, etc. It is painted with primer followed by two coats of automotive paints.

Cast iron /Aluminium hot plates are mounted on the body.

The hot plates have separate energy regulators to control temperature. Pilot lamps show the working of the elements.

The equipment can be supplied with 6 or 4 hot plates or even as per customer specification.

Equipment supplied without clamp-boss heads and glass parts

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