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Laboratory Jacks

At Kumar Instruments, they are lifting stages for stirrer, water baths, flasks, beakers, or other lab tools utilized to lift up equipment height to the user’s requirements, usually around 5 to 20 cm. It comprises of metal pieces linked together in a scissor-like shape between a top and a bottom platform. The metal pieces act as an adjustable elevation utilizing the pantograph (or scissors mechanism) in changing its height and also can resist a wide range of weight.

Manual lab jack

It works mechanically by having a central screw linked to the central piece of metal between two layers of crossing metal pieces. The screw functions the same task as screws in a hydraulic car lift, helping the metal pieces in resisting the oppressing weight. Turn out the screw increases and decreases the angle among the metal pieces, as results in contraction and extension of the platform height.


Lab Jacks do offer much-required support in your laboratory.

It’s never a nice plan to put undue stress on your glass joints, whether they are linked with a Keck Clip or not.

A lab jack can be fixed up underneath the glass, and its height is pretty adjustable with the easy turn of a knob.

Smooth, precise adjustments.

The height by itself stays in place when you’ve regulated the diameter knob, making fair adjustments a breeze. The knobs are precise to control and smooth to turn.

Rather than having a metal-on-glass connection, we firmly advise utilizing your lab jack with a lab pad. Not only will this cover the glassware against breakage, but it will also put your glass more strongly in place during your runs.

A variety of sizes and finishes are available.

We provide you all this for laboratory jacks as each is designed for various applications. Make certain you utilize the right-sized jack for what it will be holding. As usual, don’t force a tiny size to its limit. When in doubt, better to pick up larger over smaller to be safe!

Easy to clean and reliable.

The Scientific Instruments is a pretty easy-to-clean, flat platform that will keep your significant device in place. Laboratory jacks can be utilized in just about every laboratory.


•            help for magnetic stirrers, baths, flasks, hotplates, and any other objects that want precision in height
•            to maintain sensitive objects
•            Suitable for equipment or benchtop glassware
•            Light-weighted, tiny form-factor
•            support lab objects and securely elevate

What is laboratory jack used for?

The stable table lift is utilized for adjusting the position height of the object as a support apparatus, both for biological, physical, and chemical experiments and other kinds of daily use. This laboratory jack stand is a significant chunk of a busy lab. This jack stand will look professional and remain clean. 

The lab jack platform is made of the metal grid is chrome-plated, aluminum oxide alloy, thus make it long service life, construction very stable, and corrosion-resistant.
How to use: elevate place a smooth, turning out the handwheel to raise on the front panel and do adjust out to the desired height.

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