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Soxhlet mantle type

At Kumar Instruments, Soxhlet Heating Mantle Type is most cherished for its effective reliability and durability. These are best for heating the soxhlet flaks pf 100ml to 1000ml, present in attractive colors as coated with powder with the support of glass wool insulation. It is provided with two housing crossbars and retorts a rod that operates to control and control the heating elements. These elements have the off/on switches individually and a pilot lamp to reflect the working elements. It is accessible in different sizes as per the requirements of the clients. 


  • Effective output
  • Reliable
  • Reasonable prices 


  1. ON/OFF knob for heat power control.
  2. Mantle knitted with glass fiber yarn.
  3. Offer uniform heating to flasks.
  4. Heats up to 400˚C.
  5. For round bottomed Flasks as per DIN-12347.
  6. Pretty Easy maintenance.

Electrical Safety and Installation

Scientific Instruments is designed to be used safely under the following state:-

ØIndoor use.

Ø Ensure only the accurate rated mains input fuses are ideal.

Ø Do check the voltage on the product data label on this product unit and those of any go along with electrical accessory. Make sure the rating conforms to your local supply.

Ø Need not install this product or accessories on a surface that may become flooded.

General Remarks:-

Ø The operator has to make certain that the HEATING MANTLE COMBINED UNIT is firm.

Ø Put only a Glass flask on the Unit that shapes the volume.

Ø Always replace the fuse with the same current and type.

Ø Always place a Glass flask in the heating mantle type. Do not put a beaker and anything else without a flask.

Ø Do not rotate the Heater knob out of their range to ignore damages.

Ø These HEATING MANTLE COMBINED UNIT must not be worked unattended.

Ø Do not raise the unit by the top.

Ø Never spill any liquids into the heating mantle type.

Important Safety Instruction:-

Ø Do not turn on the Heater knob without a flask.

Ø The Glass flask must match the size of the heating mantle type exactly, it wants a good heat conductor between the mantle and vessel.

Ø Keep the Unit dry. Even tiny quantities of liquid do damage the heating elements.

Ø For safety reasons HEATING MANTLE COMBINED UNIT must be working with suitable temperature limiters.

Ø Never touch the heating plane when they are switched on.

Ø Never touch the surface of the heating element while hot or energized.

Ø Do not fix up the HEATING MANTLE COMBINED UNIT in a dangerous zone. They are not explosion protected and accordingly may not be utilized for heating processes in which there may be a risk due to explosive gas-air mixtures or explosive media.

Ø To ignore electrical shock completely cut off power to the unit by disconnecting the power cord from the unit or unplug from the wall outlet. Disconnect the unit from the power supply prior to servicing and maintenance.

Ø To ignore electric shock always utilize a properly grounded electrical outlet of accurate voltage and current handling capacity.

Ø You can utilize a soft moistened cotton cloth to wash the outer surface of the HEATING MANTLE COMBINED UNIT.

Ø Never utilize in the presence of sealed or pressurized containers. explosion or Fire may be the outcome, causing death or severe injury.

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