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Flow cup Viscometer

Flow cups are sketched to correctly measure the thickness of varnishes, inks, paints, and similar products.

The procedure of flow through a hole can often be utilized as a classification of viscosity and relative measurement.

This calculated kinematic viscosity is usually expressed in seconds of flow time which can be changed into centistokes (CST) utilizing a viscosity calculator.

Flow cups are constructed utilizing high-grade aluminum meld with stainless steel opening (where indicated), flow cups are accessible with a range of UKAS / ISO 17025 certified standard oils to authenticate the flow cup is calculating within specification.

How do viscosity cups work?

The viscosity is wide when the finish is cold and narrow when the finish is warm. … To calculate viscosity dip a viscosity cup into a finish so the cup is full. Then lift the cup out of the finish and start timing the sewerage with a stopwatch.

What does a viscometer cup test for?

Flow Cup Viscometer

Flow cup viscometers are for calculating the dynamical viscosity of fluids. The outcome is indicated in seconds of flow time when an established volume of the fluid flows out through a hole of a defined diameter at a defined temperature.


A viscosimeter (also called a viscometer) is one of the scientific instruments used to calculate the viscosity of a fluid. For liquids with a thickness that differs from flow conditions, an instrument denoted as a rheometer is utilized. Thus, a rheometer can be taken into consideration as a special kind of viscometer. Viscometers only calculate under one flow condition.

In a normal manner, either the liquid remains motionless and an object moves past it, or the object is motionless and the fluid moves through it. The pull caused by the relative motion of a surface and the fluid is a measure of viscosity. The flow conditions should have a sufficiently small value of Reynolds number for there to be laminar flow.

What is a viscosity cup utilized for?

At Kumar Instruments, Four Paint Viscosity Cup is utilized for calculating the viscosity of paints and finishes to certain a flawless finish. The SG243 is friendly with all Earlex Spray Station models. For the good possible finish, it’s significant to utilize a material with accurate viscosity for your paint sprayer.

Efflux is determined as the flowing out of a particular substance or particle. Cups of this nature may be more noticeable by names like Ford Cup, Zahn Cup, or Shell Cup. In short, you pack the cup with fluid, let it move out through the hollow in the bottom, and, typically utilizing a stopwatch, calculate the amount of time it takes for the fluid to drain. The “seconds” it takes to drain signify the viscosity of the fluid.

•            Advantages
o            Inexpensive
o            Need little time
o            Need little maintenance, (essentially ensure that it is undamaged and clean)

•            Disadvantages
o            The correctness is human dependent causing it to vary by as much as 30%
o            It can be personalized
o            Variation exists among cup manufacturers
o            An ineffective use of time (labor dependent)
o            Reactive not proactive

 Viscometers offer fast, correct measurement of the viscosity of liquids in Zahn seconds, which is the amount of time needed for a steady stream.

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