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Friability Test Apparatus

What is a table friability tester?

Friability is the crumbling or chipping of a capsule or pill due to stiffness during transit or packaging. This testing is carried out in pharmaceutical organization laboratories. At Kumar Instruments, a friability checker is a piece of apparatus mainly utilized to decide how long capsules can last during transference without having to break. When these scientific instruments are utilized, it raises a flag on quality issues of uncoated capsules or pills. Tablet friability can be caused by several factors. Causes do involve poor tablet design like:

•            Insufficient binders.

•            Low moisture content

•            Sharp edges

When there is a weight loss on sample pills of more than 1%, then we can say there is an issue with product quality. In this scenario, the pharmaceutical organization should find out the reason behind it. There’s a likelihood that the shape of the capsule is the cause so that the design should be modified. Some days it could be due to less moisture content in the capsules. The test method includes dropping some pills into a drum. This is done utilizing a revolving wheel with a baffle over a defined fixed time frame. After that, an examination is done to explore the broken tablets.

Why is Tablet Friability Testing significant?

•            Assist to regulate the resistance of uncoated capsules to abrasion and shock during shipping, manufacturing, and packing.
•            Offer pharmaceutical companies a chance to carry out research. Knowledge about the reason for the breakage of the capsules during testing could lessen company losses.
•            Controls the stability of uncoated capsules in drug testing institutions, pharmaceutical industries, and hospitals.
•            Offer data for sugar-coated tablets which is authentic.
•            Save the consumer right. Some capsules do lose 1% or less weight, and this is usually acceptable.

Parts of Tablet Friability Tester

a) Calibration system

•            It swiftly checks the machine to make certain it is ready for operation.
•            The machine has to be measured so that the desired test results can be reported.

b) Drum/ drums
•            This is where the capsules are loaded. It is built up from Plexiglas.
•            Generally, it has two chunks, that is, the drum and its cover.
•            The cover can unfasten when you need to clean it or load tablet samples.
•            Also, it is made utilizing high-quality stainless steel which encounters the GLP requirements.
•            Once it is loaded, it is ready for running and covered.
•            Inside the drum, there is a bend scoop.
•            It drives the capsules up and down at a predetermined speed and height.

c) Silent DC gear motor

•            Support in rotating the drums at a fixed speed of 25 rpm or according to how it has been set.
•            It helps out in settings of the time and rotation modes.

d) Click wheel navigator

•            Utilized to navigate the menu on the LCD screen.

e) Integrated report printer

•            Weight loss is measured here automatically.
•            It leads to reports for tests and copies of the reports are saved in a USB linked to it.

f) Discharge collector tray

•            Is build-up from clear Plexiglas and magnetically fix up to the base of the instrument.
•            It can be unfastened for cleaning and returned back easily.

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