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VDRL Shaker

It is a significant apparatus for a VDRL and it is utilized for the blending of complement fixation reaction, syphilis testing card, and emulsion reaction, while can also be utilized to the mixing of clinical diagnostic tests, wanted gentle agitation.


Manufactures, Bionics Scientific, and designs VDRL Shakers that are compressed, long-lasting, and offer variable as well as fixed speed controls and can fit in with a wide range of VDRL Slides, Beakers, Small Flasks, and Bottles.

Our models of VDRL rotators or VDRL orbital shakers as per Scientific Instruments satisfy the requirements of rotating plane shaking for a bigger range of applications. These systems are friendly in price and are contributed with an adjustment to specifications and a number of optional accessories in order to make them comfortable for specific requirements of your test.


durable construction, Compact designSmooth mixing
Platform with springs and holder clampHeavy-duty motor
An extremely balanced drive mechanismNon-slip rotating base
Perfect for syphilis and serological testsConstant speed

VDRL Shaker is significantly designed for even and consistent mixing of samples, support to standardize the procedure with utmost user convenience.


•            General platform with the adaptable roller to fix the sample in petri-dish, micro-plate, test tubes, and glass vessels
•            Brushless motor for maintaining free operations
•            Adjustable rollers to fix samples of various sizes
•            Rubber cushion assists in the stable sample holding


•            VDRL testing
•            Microbiology
•            Molecular biology
•            Pathology
•            Biotechnology

VDRL Shaker is commonly utilized for microbiology for shaking or rotating slides for VDRL tests and autoagglutination tests in hematology. It is also familiar as a VDRL rotator and widely utilized in various diagnostic labs, virology labs, microbiology labs, and blood banks.

At Kumar Instruments as they make VDRL Shakers in various configurations. Mostly basic model comes with a 13 x 13 inches platform with a spring holder that can fit in slides. The rotation or shaking is adjustable from 150 to 200 rpm utilizing a speed regulator. A mechanical timer of up to 60 minutes is also fixed up to maintain the duration of VDRL test rotation. The instrument runs on 220 volts 50Hz power supply and the housing is made of powder-coated MS sheet. Advance models have a digital timer and digital RPM display for precise measurement. Each instrument is available at a friendly price in India.

•            Mostly has smooth mixing, Compact design, and durable construction
•            Platform with springs and holder clamp. Highly balanced drive mechanism. Non-slip rotating base.
•            Perfect for syphilis and serological tests. Uniform speed.
•            Automatic timer
•            Automatic restart at preset speed in the scenario of power failure.
•            The housing is constructed of power-coated mild steel.
•            It also explores application in blood banks and in microbiological labs etc. for mixing of solutions and for blood grouping tests.
•            The dimensions of the models are pretty different and it is supplied with 2 spring wire holders for holding flasks.

What is the full form of VDRL?

Venereal disease research laboratory test; Syphilis – VDRL. This is a screening test for syphilis. It measures material (proteins), called antibodies, which your body may generate if you have come in touch with the bacteria that may cause syphilis.

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