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Barnstead Water still

These are electrically heated stills that offer high-quality water. The stills are easier to utilize and maintain, long-lasting, and rugged. Both portable and classic stills are accessible.

Product Details

Electrically heated stills provide high-quality water. Perfect for educational science laboratories needed a rugged, long-lasting still. At Kumar Instruments, It effectively eliminates organics, inorganic solids, pyrogens, and bacteria. With a coating of pure tin, the stills are constructed of bronze and copper. The unmoving nature of tin put a stop to any leaching of contaminants into the water.

• To heat before use of feed water and Double-walled boiler preserve electricity.

• Vented condenser permits for stripping of gaseous impurities.

• Unique de-concentrator eliminates scale-forming impurities from the boiler.

• Unique Thermo Scientific Q-Baffle Certains high-quality pyrogen-free water by stripping contaminant-laden water droplets from steam.

• Space-saving horizontal condenser

• Metal construction withstands years of use.

• Units are easily benching and floor mountable, depending on the model.

• Inert pure tin pathways satisfy product water quality.

• Controller unit could be wall-mounted.


•            Offers the wide removal capabilities of any single form of water purification with the elimination of 99.5% of impurities found in water, including nitrates, bacteria, hardness, sodium, most organic compounds, dissolved solids, radio nucleotides, and heavy metals.

•            Requires no filters to remove concerns about shelf-life, consumable longevity, or a requirement to maintain stock.

•            Cleaning of stills includes plain maintenance practices with pre-treatment further lessening the frequency of cleaning.

•            Feed water quality does not affect distillation effectiveness whereas membranes and cartridges are less structured over time given bad quality feed water.

•            Provide an extremely long service life.

•            Highly scalable solution with bigger systems efficient of offering water to several labs.

•            Brilliant option for seasonal facility shut down/startup.

Barnstead Water still has numerous uses in life sciences, from making biological buffers and media to rinsing glassware or being utilized to give pure water for laboratory Instruments equipment such as dishwashers and autoclaves. Of the wide arrangement of water purification machinery available, it is significant that customers choose the most suitable method for their applications.

Although distillation is one of the older processes of purifying water, it still remains a valid option today. Water purification distillers (stills), can be utilized to effectively distill water and eliminate inorganic solids and organics with boiling points bigger than pyrogens, water, and bacteria. A large number of customers utilize distillation based on tradition, as it was referenced in a protocol, or recommended by a respected colleague. However, some customers may question the usefulness of purchasing a still over alternative technologies. Understanding the weaknesses and strengths of distillation shed light on which technology best place a given application requirement.

There are many various options available today to treat tap water and make it acceptable for general laboratory work. In comparing distillation to other purification processes, the following concerns lend credibility to distillation:

• A necessity for consistent high quality, bacteria-free water.

• Cost connected with filter, cartridge, or membrane changes.

• The potential to turn off systems for increased time periods such as in seasonal facilities.

• Achieve low maintenance costs – service is only needed for mechanical parts, removing service call charges to change consumables.

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