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Laboratory Oven

It is a multi-purpose appliance primarily utilized in the scientific and manufacturing industries. They do offer constant temperatures and précised temperature control throughout the heating process. At Kumar Instruments, the functions performed by these ovens are necessary for the processes of drying, baking, or curing substances which are then utilized in labs and various other production methods.

What is a laboratory oven used for?

They are multi-purpose appliances utilized in manufacturing and scientific industries. Their functions are necessary for the method of drying, baking, or curing different substances which are later utilized in production procedures, science labs, and the pharmaceutical industry.

How does a laboratory oven work?

These ovens commonly provide uniform temperatures and pinpoint temperature control throughout the heating procedure. The following applications are some of the usual uses for laboratory ovens: evaporating, annealing, Polyimide baking, dehydrating or drying, die-bond curing, sterilizing, annealing.

What is the purpose of a laboratory oven?

Laboratory furnaces, also defined as laboratory ovens are utilized to purify medical waste, dissecting Scientific Instruments or reagents /media for aseptic assays. They are also utilized for testing environmental stresses, heating, drying such as changes in humidity, temperature, and light.

Choosing your Laboratory Oven

When picking up your laboratory oven, be certain to understand the various functions and their purposes to determine which type of oven will suit your requirements. Mechanical convection ovens, Gravity ovens, high-temperature ovens, and vacuum ovens can be of support, especially within the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories. Vacuum ovens do dry out fine materials and eliminate flammable solvents while Forced air ovens and other multipurpose ovens are utilized in glassware drying.

•            Drying or Dehydrating – Remove out moisture from samples. Often performed in clinical, environmental, and biological laboratories.

•            Sterilising – destroys or removes microorganisms or bacteria from something. Commonly utilized to sterilize lab equipment.

•            Annealing – Utilized to remove internal stresses and toughen from glass or metal. Metal or glass is heated and permitted to cool slowly.

•            Evaporating – Utilized to evaporate excess solvents, such as water, from a solution to measure their melting point or produce a concentrated solution.

What are the various kind of ovens in the laboratory?

Types of laboratory ovens involve standard digital ovens, vacuum ovens, gravity convection ovens, and forced air convection ovens.

What is a Gravity Convection Oven?

It is designed for applications where a fan or other airflow could disturb the thermal process, like powders or processing lightweight materials. They need less temperature uniformity than other types of mechanical convection lab ovens. These ovens generate a unique natural air convection supply through perforated stainless steel shelves to achieve temperature uniformity without the use of blowers. Gravity ovens don’t depend on a blower fan to move air around.  Hot air naturally increases as it expands, becoming less dense than the air around it and losing heat energy.  

What is a Forced Air Oven?

It is working by pushing warm air around the oven chamber with the help of a blower fan. Similar to a furnace, hot air travels through a duct system which develops a uniform distribution of warm air inside the chamber.

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