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Laboratory Water Bath

A water bath is laboratory equipment build from a container filled up with heated water. Most of them have an analog or a digital network to permit customers to set the desired temperature, but few water baths have their temperature managed by a flowing current passing through a reader. 

What is a water bath utilized for in a laboratory?

At Kumar Instruments, it is a laboratory apparatus that is utilized to produce samples at a continual temperature over a longer period of time. It is a favored heat source for heating combustible chemicals instead of an open flame to shut off the ignition.


•            Use with caution.

•            It is not suggested to use a water bath with pyrophoric reactions or moisture sensitivity. Do not heat a bath liquid above its flashpoint.

•            Water level must be continuously monitored and filled up with distilled water only. This is needed to eliminate salts from depositing on the heater.

•            Disinfectants can be added to stop the growth of organisms.

•            Increase the temperature to 90 °C or high up to once a week for some time for the purpose of disinfection or to purify it.

•            Utilize water-resistant ones as Markers tend to come off easily in water baths.

•            If an application includes fluid that gives off fumes, it is suggested to operate a water bath in a well-ventilated zone or in the fume hood.

•            The cover is shut to obstruct evaporation and to assist in reaching high temperatures.

•            Set up on a balanced surface away from combustible materials.

Types of Water Bath

Circulating water baths

Stirrers (also familiar as Circulating water baths) are perfect for applications when temperature consistency and uniformity are critical, such as serologic and enzymatic experiments. Water is completely circulated throughout the bath results in a more constant temperature.

Non-circulating water baths

This kind of water bath relies primarily on convection instead of water being steadily heated. Therefore, it is pretty less accurate in terms of temperature checks. In inclusion, there are add-ons that offer stimulating to non-circulating water baths to develop more constant heat transfer.

Shaking water baths

This kind of water bath has additional control for shaking, which gives motion to liquids around. This shaking feature can be turned off or on. In microbiological practices, uniform shaking permits liquid-grown cell cultures progress to continually mix with the air.

Some main advantages of shaking water baths are cut-off protection for high/low temperature, convenient bath drains, power switch integrated with keypad, adjustable shaking frequencies, optional lift-up bath cover, bright LED display, and warning and user-friendly operation via keypad.

Water bath Technologies

The bath is an elemental product in any laboratory Instruments. Over the years, water baths have emitted from basic analog tools to advanced digital machines that have the potential of programmable and sophisticated capabilities, controls, and functions.

Key features in water baths often involve:

•            Multi-language operation
•            User-settable limit values
•            Eco modes which saving energy after set programs are finished
•            user-settable alarms: visible, audible or both
•            Displays of set point and/or actual temperatures
•            Programmable pre-sets for frequently used temperatures
•            Integrated timers
•            Hinged gable covers
•            Calibration off-set capabilities
•            Stainless reservoirs
•            Reservoir drains
•            Automatic and Primary safety thermostats
•            Compatible with waterless alloy bath beads

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