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Magnetic Stirrer

At Kumar Instruments, a Magnetic Stirrer is a device broadly utilized in laboratories and consists of a stationary electromagnet or a rotating magnet that develop a rotating magnetic field. This device is utilized to make a rapid spin, stir bar, mixing or stirring a solution, or submerge in a liquid.

•            It is equipment utilized to develop a rotating magnetic field. As it is designed such that there is a tiny bar magnet and a stand or plate carrying the rotating magnet.

•            In the basic way, the bar magnet is coated with plate carry rotating magnet plastic and plastic. It is pretty possible to develop a rotating magnetic field with the support of a rotating magnet.

Embrace the Benefits

One of the major gains of a magnetic stirrer is that it can attain a very fast spin rate. This is mastered through the utilization of a rotating electromagnet (or series of this kind of magnets) under the vessel that carries your specific liquid.

Meanwhile, stir bars can be circular or octagonal, and probably come in a variety of different shapes depending on your specific requirements. They range in size from just a few centimeters in length to several millimeters.

How do we use a magnetic stirrer?

To use the magnetic stirrer:

Turn on the device by overturning the power switch on (–), then rotating the left lump in a clockwise direction. The long way you rotate the knob, the quicker it will spin to mix your solution. We do control the moving speed between about 1400 and 120 rpm.

What is the principle of a magnetic stirrer?

A magnetic mixer or stirrer is a laboratory device that utilizes a rotating magnetic field to cause a stir bar (or flea) submerged in a liquid to spin very fast, thus stirring it.

Functions and uses of a Magnetic Stirrer:

•            They are also familiar as magnetic stir plates and pretty highly utilized for experiments in biology and chemistry. The device is quite durable, and efficient.

•            Magnetic Stirrers are very useful when you require to mix components, either liquids or solids, and get a homogeneous liquid mixture. Some of the common samples include buffer solutions as well as bacterial growth media.

•            The major functioning of a stirrer is to shake the liquid for speeding up the reactions or improving mixtures. It is often utilized with hot plates.

Working of Magnetic Stirrer:

•            An external magnetic field is applied to the magnetic stirrers mix solution which eases out the rotating of the tiny magnetic bar put down in the mixture of interest.

•            The manner magnetic stirrer works is the rapidly rotating magnetic field makes the bar magnet rotate which ends up stirring the liquid. Since their size is usually tiny one they are extremely preferred in laboratory Instruments experiments.

What are the types of magnetic stirrers?

There is some kind of Magnetic Stirrer present and it all depends on your selection of configuration, size, and application. The several various types is listed below:

Types of a Magnetic Stirrer:

•            Magnetic Mini Stirrer

•            Magnetic Stirrer with Timer

•            Heavy-Duty Magnetic Stirrer

•            Battery Powered Magnetic Stirrer

•            Air Operated Turbine Magnetic Stirrer

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