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Muffle Furnace

At Kumar Instruments, industrial furnaces can be supplied and built with a broad range of options in order to closely meet customer requirements. The options which are accessible differ from furnace to furnace but do add over-temperature protection and a range of data loggers, digital controllers, and multi-segment programmers.

What is Muffle Furnace?

A muffle oven is a furnace in which the subject material is separated from all of the products of flying ash, combustion, and including gases and the fuel. After the progress of widespread electrification and high-temperature heating elements in developed countries, new muffle furnaces swiftly proceed to electric designs.

What is a muffle furnace used for?

They are utilized for high-temperature testing applications such as ashing or loss-on-ignition. To maintain high temperatures, they are compact countertop heating sources with insulated firebrick walls. The laboratory muffle furnaces provide a range of characteristics including a safety switch that turns off power when the door opens, rugged construction, or programmable controllers.  

What is a muffle furnace made of?

The process conditions precisely and with nice degrees of uniformity. Wrapped up firebricks or High strength alumina (AlO) produce of new silicon carbide (SiC) are utilized to wall the muffle furnace hearth, which is constructed in an aluminum or robust frame of powder-coated steel.

Muffle Furnaces Today

Today, it is generally a front-loading box or tube design utilized for high-temperature applications such as technical ceramics, developing enamel coatings, melting glass or brazing, and soldering. They are also utilized in numerous research facilities to find out what quantity of a test sample is non-volatile or non-combustible. Advances in materials for heating elements such as the molybdenum disilicide utilized in our “Rapid Temp” series of high-temperature furnaces, can now manufacture working temperatures up to 1,800 degrees Celsius which make possible more enlightened metallurgical applications like the end to end processes in metal injection molding, debinding, and sintering.

What is the principle of a muffle furnace?

The defining attribute of this furnace is that it moves apart from the object to be heated from all by-products of combustion from the heat source. With contemporary electrical furnaces, this defines heat as being applied to a chamber through convection or induction by a high-temperature heating coil inside an insulated substance.

How would you adjust the temperature on a muffle furnace?

As the furnace automatically starts controlling the set temperature. Note: To rapidly decrease or increase the set temperature, hold and press the appropriate arrow key. At a slow pace, decrement or increment the set temperature one degree at a time, press and immediately release the arrow key.

Why muffle furnace is utilized in a pharmacognosy lab?

Muffle Furnace are used in laboratories as a compressed means of developing extremely high-temperature atmospheres. They are employed to test the characteristics of materials at accurate and extremely high temperatures. A muffle furnace is also familiar as a retort furnace.

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