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  • Sieve Shaker - Table Model
  • Tablet Friability Test Apparatus
  • Glass Ware Drier
  • Sand Bath
  • Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus - IP / BP / USP STD.

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Magnetic StirrersProduct DescriptionWe are a well-recognised manufacturer of scientific instruments and we have a wide array of products in their catalogue to cater to the demands of the customers. Amongst its wide range of products, the company has magnetic stirrer. The equipment is actually meant for mixing of solutions of low viscosity in an open or closed vessel and magnetised Teflon coated paddle.

The product has been made by an experienced team of engineers as well as researchers who have designed the product using Avant-garde techniques, which makes its highly durable and long lasting. The instruments designed are backed by huge market demand owing to its high quality and very reasonably set price.

Features of magnetic stirrer:

•It can be used with an open or closed vessel.
•It has a Teflon coated magnetic paddle, which is quite helpful in mixing purpose.
•It has good speed of 1200 RPM.
•One can choose a model with or without a hotplate.
•One can also choose to digital temperature demonstrator as well as temperature controller.
•One can also opt to buy a digital RPM indicator.
•Magnetic stirrers are noiseless.
•It is quite compact in size and easy to clean.
•It is very efficient when compared with motorized stirrers.
•The materials used for making the products are of supreme quality which makes it quite reliable.

Magnetic stirrers are designed for use in:

•Research and development work

Technical Data
Cat. No. Description Capacity Ltrs.
KI-66-01 Without Hot Plate 1
KI-66-02 With Hot Plate 1
KI-66-03 Without Hot Plate 2
KI-66-04 With Hot Plate 2
KI-66-05 Without Hot Plate 5
KI-66-06 With Hot Plate 5
KI-66-07 Without Hot Plate 10
KI-66-08 With Hot Plate 10
KI-66-09 Without Hot Plate 20
KI-66-010 With Hot Plate 20

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