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Test SievesProduct Description
Our business enterprise is a well known name of the market, when it comes to buying high quality laboratory Test Sieves. Following ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 norms, these are developed seamless spun brass sheet along with S.S. sieve cloth by our experienced professionals. For making our test sieves perfect to be used in various laboratory sampling and particle size analysis, we strive and offer these of various shapes & meshes. Customers can also purchase sieves from us of variegated diameters & aperture sizes for separating required element from unwanted material.

A large number of laboratories regularly demand our scientific Test Sieves and rank us as leading manufacturer due to high quality of our range. They use our commendable sieves not just for separation work but also in fractioning and particle size determination tasks. Our outstanding gamut is widely used for sieving & getting useful element from coarse material during analysis or production work, dry or wet preparations and machine or hand sieving tasks. Such brilliant sieving quality of our products have also made it a great analytical device.

Our long lasting working relationship with various universities and research center help us to regularly bring innovative laboratory test sieves for clients. Kumar Instruments' laboratory sieves enhance overall working efficiency along with delivering reliable results on every use. With our world class sieves, we provide our customers an opportunity to have modern laboratory with easier & efficient to use devices.

Some appreciable Attributes of Test Sieves are:

Easy to clean
Flat mesh
No hollow spaces that are required need to be sealed
Rigid design
Single piece frame that prevent cross contamination
Stand rigors even on frequent laboratory use
Made from seamless spun brass sheet with S.S. sieve cloth of different mesh.

Technical Data
BSS 410/1969 Mesh No. Astm (11/70) ISS 460/1972
4 5 4.00mm
5 6 3.35mm
6 7 2.80mm
7 8 2.36mm
8 10 2.00mm
10 12 1.70mm
12 14 1.40mm
14 16 1.18mm
16 18 1.00mm
18 20 850 micron
22 25 710 micron
25 30 600 micron
30 35 500 micron
36 40 425 micron
44 45 355 micron
52 50 300 micron
60 60 250 micron
72 70 212 micron
85 80 180 micron
100 100 150 micron
120 120 125 micron
150 140 106 micron
170 170 90 micron
200 200 75 micron
240 230 63 micron
300 270 53 micron
350 325 45 micron
400 400 37 micron
500 __ 25 micron

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