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  • Universal Water Bath
  • Seed Germinators (With Cooling / Heating & Humidity control)
  • Bosshead
  • Automatic Pipette Washer

Products / Microprocessor Based Stability Chamber GMP Model

Microprocessor Based Stability Chamber GMP ModelProduct Description*Double walled construction *Interior made of Stainless Steel 316 Grade Mirror finished*Exterior made of Stainless Steel 304 Grade Made finished. *Force air circulation for Temperature uniformity. Temperature controlled By Microprocessor Based PID Programmable Temperature controller with Direct Display of humidity and Temperature user Friendly Microprocessor Control System for setting and control of Run Parameter. *Window based software allows the user to stone & analyze the data obtained *Menu Driven 20 Programme 60 Steps Each Programme *Safety Controller for Prevent over Heating System *Audio Visual alarm warning of Temperature & RH Variation an low water level *Built in Safety circuit system for Microprocessor *Non Volatile Memory for data storage up to 3000 Reading *Adjustable Print interval *High voltage Safety cut off for unit Protection *PC /Printer interface *Unit Supplied with, Validation Protocol for IQ,OQ , & DQ as per ICH guidelines. Temperature Range: 5 to 60oC, Constancy +0.5oC to 1oC *Humidity Range: 40 to 95% RH. Dew Point constancy + 0.5oC to 1oC corresponding to + 3 to 5% RH.

Technical Data
Cat. No. Internal Dimension H x W x D cm Capacity Cu. Ft. Capacity Ltr. No. of Shelves
KHGS-3S 50 x 45 x 40 3 90 1
KHGS-6S 75 x 50 x 45 6 170 2
KHGS-10S 105 x 55 x 50 10 285 3
KHGS-12S 105 x 60 x 55 12 340 3
KHGS-16S 105 x 68 x 63 16 450 3
KHGS-35S 105 x 100 x 95 35 1000 3

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