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  • Seed Germinators (With Heating & Humidity control)
  • Parafffin Embedding Bath
  • Bulk Density Apparatus - Densitometer
  • Laboratory Stirrer - Medium Duty
  • Universal Water Bath

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Muffle FurnaceProduct DescriptionFor conducting various laboratory tests, extreme high temperature is required and for this, various laboratories look for a dependable equipment like Muffle Furnace. We, Kumar Instruments, are dedicatedly catering to such requirements of various laboratories, diagnostic centers and hospitals. Our furnace not just find their use in medical industry but also in various other heating applications like soldering, creating enamel coatings, producing ceramics, fusing glass and brazing articles.

A large number of chemical and pharmaceutical firms also demand our Muffle Furnaces for determining the proportion of a sample and ensuring that it is non-volatile and non-combustible in nature. While making these reliable furnace, our experts follow ISO 9001 norms and ensure that no combustion is involved in the systems' temperature control so that users will have greater control of temperature stability. We source superior quality heating elements, cabinets and wires from a base of certified companies for making robust electrical furnaces. Further, our responsibility do not get over after production, we allow our every single unit of furnace for dispatch after ensuring its flawlessness. For benefits of our honorable customers, we also support them by rendering after sales support services of furnaces.

With strong amalgamation of our highly educated personnel and modern facilities, we are serving efficiently meeting industrial requirements for heating devices. Customers can buy from us Muffle Furnaces of various standard sizes, right from the smaller furnaces that can be placed on a workbench to the larger units. Our organization is armed with several cutting edge technology machines and equipment that aid in making offered conglomerate in a great speed and meeting heating application requirements of a large number of clients, easily.


Horizontal-rectangular shape
Temp. up to 930oC or 1150oC Continuous(1200oC Intermittent)
Temperature Control: By Solid State
Electronic Digital Display Proportional Temp. Controller

Horizontal Rectangular light weight construction. Temp. up to 930oCor1150oC Continuous(1200oC Intermittent).Temperature Control: By Solid State Electronic Digital Display Proportional Temp.Controller.

Technical Data
Cat. No. Internal Dimension Wx Dx H cm
KI-25A-01 23 x 10 x 10
KI-25A-02 25 x 13 x 13
KI-25A-03 30 x 15 x 15
KI-25A-04 45 x 23 x 23

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