Test Tube Holder

We are one of the leading providers of a wide range of scientific instruments that are very durable and carefully designed by our panel of engineers. Among our wide array of products, we have a test tube holder. As the name depicts, it is used to hold test tubes from a suitable distance, which may contain some hazardous substance in it. It is quite safe to use a test tube holder while conducting a scientific experiment, which may require use of chemicals, which may cause some chemical reaction or may harm the user. It also provides a safe distance while one is pouring volatile liquids from one test tube to another.

Features of our test tube holder:

•It is like a clip made of metal.
•Ideal to protect users from any harm or mishap that might occur during laboratory experiments.
•Ideal to hold test tubes from a safe distance.
•It can also used to hold other tools such as pipettes and stirring rods.
•It is made up of various types of materials like metals, Polypropylene, aluminium or plastic.
•It can be used for storage and organisation of certain number of test tubes.
•It is available in straight pattern as well as cross pattern.

It is a very important tool to have in any laboratory and it is far more important to learn how to hold a test tube holder in proper manner.

Test tube holders are designed for use in:
Chemistry laboratory
Biology laboratory
Microbiological or biochemical laboratory
Physics experiments
Space laboratory

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