Orbital Shaking Incubator

Double walled construction Inner Chamber made of Stainless Steel. Outer finished in powder coating epoxy paint.
High dense Insulation between two walls. *Compact counter balanced Drive Mechanism. *A.C.Frequency Drive Motor,Maintenance free Continuous operation *Variable Speed from 0 RPM to 300 RPM. *Step less Speed Controller.*Digital Display RPM Indicator. *Temperature Range: above ambient +5o to 60oC. *Plat From Size: 24” X 24”. (Unit Supplied with 1 No. Platform as per choice of any one)

Technical Data
Cat. No. Volume Maximum No. of Clamp
KI-49SI-01 16 ltr. 1000ml x 16 / 500ml x 25 / 250ml x 36 / 150ml x 49 / 100ml x 64 / 50ml x 64


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