Ideal for recirculating temperature controlled bath liquid to jacketed equipments such as spectrophotometer, X-ray Generators, Ultra Centrifuges, Viscometers, Fermentors etc. Generally similar to KCB range of above cryostat baths but with * Powerful hermetic compressor. * Powerful pump with flow rate control valve continuously circulating liquid at constant temperature through external close loop system. * Temperature Range: Ambient to 0oC + 0.3oC. With PUF Insulation.

Technical Data
Cat. No. Bath Capacity Compressor Capacity Bath Dimentions
KRC-12 12 Ltrs 0.33 H.P. 33 X 25 X 17
KRC-15 15 Ltrs. 0.62 H.P. 33 X 25 X 20
KRC-20 20 Ltrs. 1.5 H.P. 33 X 25 X 25


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