Our organization is catering to the requirements of a large number of scientific laboratories, research wings, medical institutes and hospitals via its remarkable conglomerate of Clamps. These are engineered by our experts from superior grade metals and other material in accordance with international quality norms. Range we offer under this category includes Retort Clamps, Condensor Clamps, Burette Clamps, Universal Clamps, etc. For meeting diverse requirements of customers, we make available our rustproof clamps in different models, sizes, grades and specifications.

Clamps offered by our company find their extensive application for holding or securing objects tightly together and eliminating movement or separation. Our high quality clamps also secure separation through the inward pressure application. A strict TQM policy is followed at the premise of Kumar Instruments to develop clamps exactly as per the ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 norms. Being a quality conscious business unit, we make sure to use only A grade raw material for developing high quality medical instruments. All the raw inputs are used by our engineers only when their flawlessness is ensured by examining on several industry laid norms & standards.

We give high stress on bringing improvements in our products quality, and for this, various researches & surveys are periodically conducted by us. These research tasks aid us in making our clamps highly durable and at relatively low cost, which also decline their prices while offering to customers. Moreover, our company is highly focused towards customers and enhancing their gratification level, this is one of the reasons that we take clients’ feedback and periodically upgrade our clamps, as per the same.

Features of Clamps:

Resistance to wear & tear
Smooth edges
Fine finish

Wide Range of Clamps

Technical Data
Cat. No. Clamp Description
KCL-01 Retort Clamp Usual shaped with side steel wing nuts adjustable, die pressed, jaws of stainless steel to hold objects from 15mm to 65mm circles, light and sturdy. Jaws lined with cork.
KCL-02 Retort Clamp Same as KCL-01 but with quick grip adjustment by a co-axial aluminium alloy nut with lever arms.
KCL-03 Condensor Clamp With 3 prongs, made of aluminium alloy quick grip with co-axial aluminium alloy nut, nickel plated arms, covered with asbestos sleevings, to hold upto 75mm circles.
KCL-04 Retort clamp Small size, made of mild steel, black enamelled, to hold objects from 10 to 75 mm circles.
KCL-06 Double Burette Clamp For two burettes at a time, made of stainless steel without obstructing the view of graduations, with easy grip mechanism and worked from the front. Can fit any standard retort stand.
KCL-07 Burette Clamp Made of brass casting copper oxidised, to grip from 10mm to 25mm, cork lined jaws.
KCL-08 Double Burette Clamp Fisher type, aluminium alloy, for holding 2 burrettes, rubber lined jaws.
KCL-09 Retort Clamp Made of brass casting, copper oxidised, to grip from 25mm to 50mm cork lined jaws
KCL-10 Condensor Clamp Made of brass casting, copper oxidised, to grip upto 100mm, length of rod 275mm approx with cork lined jaws.
KCL-11 Condensor Clamp Same as KCL-10 but length of rod 300mm
KCL-12 Condensor Clamp Same as KCL-10 but length of rod 375mm
KCL-13 Condensor Clamp Heavy duty, made of cast iron, to hold objects from 40mm to 150mm circles, overall length 450mm with cork lined jaws
KCL-14 Three Finger Clamp Made of brass casting, copper oxidised, rubber lined jaws, to hold objects upto 100mm, length of rod 225mm.
KCL-15 Three Finger Clamp Same as KCL-14 but length of rod 300mm
KCL-16 Three Finger Clamp Same as KCL-14 but length of rod 375mm
KCL-17 Three Finger Clamp Heavy duty made of aluminium cast alloy, double key spring action to hold objects from 40 to 150mm length of rod 450mm. N.P.
KCL-18 Three Finger Clamp Same as KCL-17 but made from brass casting. N.P.
KCL-19 Universal Clamp Made of brass casting, cooper osidised, to hold upto 100mm, length of rod 225mm, jaws lined with cork.
KCL-20 Universal Clamp Same as KCL-19 but length of rod 300mm
KCL-21 Universal Clamp Same as KCL-19 but length of rod 375mm
KCL-22 Universal Clamp wiith Bosshead With bosshead clamp jaws are of aluminium, with brass rod and keys. The bosshead polished aluminium with brass keys. The clamp and bosshead are rustless and specially recommended for use in corrosive working areas.

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