Our organization with its rich experience of the scientific industry is meeting requirements of the market for various scientific instruments. Among our various high quality products, Bossheads always stay in demand due to their extensive us in a large number of laboratories for holding clamps on to the retort stands. Our clamps bosshead are made with joining two screw clamps at right (or other) angles, one of which attaches to vertical rod, which also get support from base, the another one holds the things you want to hold in a same position.

Understanding the fact that a little quality compromise done at our premise with the bossheads can give extreme problem in using these or even harm the user. Therefore, we follow ISO 9001:2008 norms and ensure to engineer our range from a grade alloys & metals as per international norms. We also give special coating to the raw material so that they remain rustproof and also look good. Before dispatching our bossheads, we examine these and ensure that screws get perfectly in the made diameter and can be moved up-down without any difficulty.

A large number of chemistry & physics laboratories, research divisions, schools, colleges, medical institutes and diagnostic centers are our regular clients. They demand these for holding burettes and test tubes over bunsen burner beaker in a same position and have smooth working. Also acknowledge as clampholders, these products join horizontal shaped apparatus such as clamp to vertical pole and allow adjusting the height. The screw installed in bosssheads make it possible to up or down by scientific equipment like test tube or beaker and also tight it to hold in particular place.

Striking features:

Innovative designs
Highly durable & reliable
Easy to use

Wide Range of Bossheads

Technical Data
Cat. No. Bosshead Description
KBH-01 Bosshead cross angle type Made of mild steel casting, hold two rods of 6 to 12mm dia. at a time at cross angle, operates by thumb screw.
KBH-02 Bosshead (Zamac) Same as KBH-03 but with zamac alloy
KBH-03 Bosshead (Gunmetal) Made of gunmetal for use with retort and condensor clamp, black oxidised, with strong thumb screw, holds rods up to 16mm.
KBH-04 Bosshead for 12mm rod Same as KBH-05 but made of mild steel casting copper oxidised.
KBH-05 Bosshead made of Brass copper oxidised Made of brass casting copper oxidised double key, to hold rods from 6 to 12mm.
KBH-06 Bosshead for 19mm rod Same as KBH-07, made of mild steel casting copper oxidised.
KBH-07 Bosshead made of Brass copper oxidised Made of brass casting, copper oxidised double key, but holds rods upto 16mm.
KBH-08 Bosshead for 25mm rod Same as KBH-09 but mild steel casting, copper oxidised.
KBH-09 Bosshead made of Brass copper oxidised Heavy duty, brass casting, copper oxidised holds rods up to 25mm.
KBH-10 Bosshead for 40mm rod Same as KBH-09 but made of mild steel casting and hold up to 40mm
KBH-11 Bosshead made of Brass copper oxidised Heavy duty brass casting, copper oxidised hold rods upto 40mm

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