Blood Bank Cabinets ( Vaccine Storage Cabinets)

Ideal for convenient, safe and secure storage of Whole Blood, Vaccines, Reagents, Cultures etc.*Double walled superior, insulation, Exterior finished in powder coating epoxy paint. * S. S. Interior with number of compartments each having a separate transparent plexi glass door. Forced air circulation for uniform temperature throughout the chamber. Choice of Temperature Control by Digital Temperature Controller with Audio Visual Alarm for variation in temperature and power failure. * Provided with PUF Insulation. Temperature: 4oC (other temperature optional)

Technical Data
Cat. No. Internal Dimension H x W x D cm Capacity with S.S. Trays for 450 ml. Blood Bottle Capacity with Sliding Drawers For Blood Bags No. of Compartments
KBR-01A 50 x 45 x 40 40 Blood Bottles 54 Blood Bags 2
KBR-02A 75 x 50 x 45 75 Blood Bottles 144 Blood Bags 3
KBR-03B 105 x 55 x 50 120 Blood Bottles 240 Blood Bags 5
KBR-04A 105 x 68 x 63 210 Blood Bottles 375 Blood Bags 5

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