B.O.D Incubator

Kumar Instruments is a well known name of the market, when it comes to buying reliable B.O.D Incubators. Also acknowledge as Low Temperature Incubators, these find their extensive use as an important lab equipment in a large number of diagnostic centers, hospitals and pharmaceutical laboratories in crystallography and various incubation and testing applications.. The Bacteriological Incubators we offer also find their applications in several research centers for having perfect BOD testing and other research tasks.

Our company strictly abides the ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 norms to develop remarkable Biochemical Oxygen Demand Incubator. For making our incubators find their needs in a large number of areas, we strive and offer these in various capacities, models and sizes. All products of our company has epoxy paint powder coating on the exterior parts and also double wall construction, which make these highly durable. Fully automatic digital display temperature controller of our cooled incubators also make these absolutely simple to operate.

A large number of scientists and scholars appreciate our Biochemical Oxygen Demand (B.O.D) Incubators due to the hi-tech mechanical convection system, which is installed in them. This advanced system ensures even distribution of air and enhance overall working efficiency. Our advanced incubator products are also applauded for their complete safety high & low limit controls and digital temperature controllers.

We offer incubators in different shelves options so that users can keep the samples in a categorized manner and have ease in identifying the same, whenever required. Not only this systematic storage option but also remarkable cooling, durable doors, tamper-proof controls, leakage breaker and overload protection enhance demand of our Kumar Group constructed incubators.


Superior insulation
Forced air circulation for temperature uniformity
Temperature Range: 5o to 60oC
Constancy: + 0.5oC.
Provided with PUF Insulation
Fast & exact results

* Double wall construction, superior insulation, Exterior finished in powder coating epoxy paint* Fully Automatic Digital Display Temperature Controller * Forced air circulation for temperature uniformity + 0.5oC. * Temperature Range: 5o to 60oC, Constancy: + 0.5oC. * Provided with PUF Insulation.

Technical Data
Cat. No. Internal Dimension H x W x D cm Capacity Cu. Ft. Capacity Ltr. No. of Shelves
KBI-3S 50 x 45 x 40 3 90 1
KBI-6S 75 x 50 x 45 6 170 2
KBI-10S 105 x 55 x 50 10 285 3
KBI-12S 105 x 60 x 55 12 340 3
KBI-16S 105 x 68 x 63 16 450 3
KBI-35S 105 x 100 x 95 35 1000 3

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