Autoclave Horizontal

We offer Vertical laboratory Auto Clave suitable for rapid
sterilization under pressure for glassware, solutions,
culture media, organic & inorganic materials and other
surgical labware. The outer body & inner working
chamber is made either of heavy gauge Stainless steel.
The lid & rings are made of S.S.. The lid is fitted with
pressure gauge, safety valves & steam exhaust valve.
The Safety Valve is set to blow off at 22 lbs/ sq. Inch
to remove excess steam and to maintain the constant
pressure. The Silicon gasket is fitted to ensure the steam
tight joints. The unit is supported by heavy cast iron legs.

Technical Data
Cat. No. working Size Dia x Height cm Watts
KI-69-01 25 cm x 45 cm. 1.5 KW
KI-69-02 30 cm x 50 cm 2.0 KW
KI-69-03 35 cm x 55 cm 3.0 KW
KI-69-04 45 cm x 60 cm 4.0 KW
KI-69-05 55 cm x 75 cm 6.0 KW

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