About us

The best Laboratory Equipments Manufacturers are hard to find, and when we are talking about advanced devices like Cooling Equipments Suppliers/manufacturers, you can be sure that only the best Scientific Dealers can provide them. We are one of those companies as the Scientific Instruments Provider works as the best Pharmaceuticals Equipments Manufacturer.

We are convinced that a quality research project can’t be conducted without proper Laboratory Equipments. We would like you to be our client by offering you the best Scientific Equipment at affordable prices. Our products are manufactured under ISO 9001 and 9002 standards of quality. We are always setting ourselves new goals during the technological process. As a result, our products are of latest generation, utilizing only the latest concepts and technologies.

For our clients, we are always scouting the market of Scientific Instruments. Our inventory comprises of only quality Scientific Products, which are all tested before being dispatched to you. All products, from Surgical Instruments to the Laboratory Supply used in your business, are thoroughly checked, before we send them to you. We carefully examine and verify the specifications of all our producers, checking to see that the pharmaceutical equipment corresponds with the required technical specifications. Different quality checks are conducted along the manufacturing process, to ensure that only perfect products come off the assembly line. This is how we guarantee that all the technical requirements are met.

Our blood bank equipments are manufactured respecting all international standards. The laboratory apparatus offered by the Scientific Instruments Provider is checked for compliance with all the requirements of the international medical organisms.

Organizations from a vast range of areas have used laboratory equipment obtained from us, with the knowledge and assurance that the equipment supplied by us is of the utmost quality and of the highest standard.

As we like to build permanent relationships with our clients, we are also providing the best laboratory consumables for your company, including the most affordable laboratory plastic- ware on the market. This is a result of our concept: to offer complete services and all the equipment needed for the perfect research process.

Our qualified engineers will help you install the laboratory instruments. After looking through our catalogue of exporters’ laboratory instruments and exporters scientific instruments, you will be able to consult with our qualified and experienced consultants who will discuss your options and requirements regarding the devices you require for your laboratory or research facility.

We take pride in providing the best pharmaceuticals equipments and laboratory and scientific instruments in the country. Considering the history of the Scientific Instruments Provider, we could say that we are one of the most established companies in this field.

We endeavor to develop ourselves as a complete company offering a complete range of services and devices. Our School Lab instruments for Universities and Colleges are among the finest in the world. We have teamed up with the most reliable Laboratory Instruments Manufacturer, being able to offer products for any kind of business. It is also possible for our company to help agricultural and genetic laboratories by offering a wide range of soil testing devices manufactured by the best Soil Testing Equipments Suppliers.

As one of our valued customers, you will benefit from one of the best customer services available on the market with assurance of technical support. We can assure you that the downtime of your instrument will be kept to a minimum. You’ll obtain entire support from KUMAR’s staff, each of whom have the mechanical know-how to handle any difficulty, and provide solutions as well as alternatives..

We have a powerful and firm promise of excellence to our clientele, whom we accept as the cornerstones of our success. Quality is our motto, and a satisfied clientele is more important and significant to us than short-term profits. KUMAR strives to be the foremost in all of our goods, nationally and internationally. We also think it’s important to win utmost approval, belief, and commitment of our much-treasured customers.